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Easy Tips That Help Control Mosquitoes on Your Property

Here at Mosquito Squad, we treat homes for mosquitoes. Living in the Triad of North Carolina, we see many homes that are perfect havens for mosquitoes. This is a list of a few easy tips for controlling your outdoor living space by reducing the places where mosquitoes breed and live.

Turn over the buckets, wagons, and remove toys that can retain standing water—particularly around your pool, garden, and outdoor living places.

Cover all garbage cans with lids that fit snug.

If you have a man made pond, stock your pond with some fish that will eat the mosquito larvae.

Keep trim bushes, shrubs, and vines that touch or overhang your property.

Rake and remove piles of leaves or brush that can collect even small bottle cap size pools of water.

Make sure any tarps on the property are taut, so they cannot collect standing water.

These easy tips can reduce the number of mosquitoes around your property.
Mosquito Squad Can Help You Reduce Mosquitoes.

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