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How does a mosquito survive the extreme cold temperatures?

We have just had 8" of snow here in the Triad and the temperatures have been in the single digits. People every winter ask us why, when temperatures get very cold and the ground freezes, doesn’t this extreme cold eliminate all the mosquitoes?

The truth is is that only severe cold, for long sustained periods of time will kill all mosquitoes and their eggs. North Carolina is too far South to keep the daily high daily temperatures below freezing for more than just a couple of days.

Mosquito in the Snow

To deal with the cold that will kill an adult mosquito, female mosquitoes lay their drought-resistant eggs in protected areas. The eggs are resistant to the cold and being frozen. They lie in wait for extended daylight, warmer temperatures, and the presence of standing water that will come with the thaw of Spring temperatures.

Adults can survive the winter, too, in the right situations. The northern house mosquito uses a hibernation system known as diapause . After fall mating, females consume nectar (instead of blood) to build reserves of fat. This will keep them through the winter months They look for basements or eaves of buildings, sewers, logs, or holes in the ground. Place that will not completely freeze, in which to keep themselves protected in the winter.

So when the weather warms in the Spring, take these steps to control mosquitoes in your backyard. 5T’s from Mosquito Squad

  • Tip the water from standing pots.
  • Toss out trash and leaves that create moist spots.
  • Tarps need to be tight over firewood or boats.
  • Turn over toys, canoes, or items.
  • Treat your backyard, if these other measures fail to control these itchy, and nasty pests.

For advice or questions on how to control mosquitoes, ticks and fleas on your home or business property. Call Mosquito Squad at 336.617.5268 – the authority in providing a bite free outdoor environment.

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